Explore, Unwind, and Simply “Be” Together

We plan vacations for busy families that yearn to reconnect


Where, oh, where does the day go? 


If you ever find yourself asking this, chances are your day looks something like …


… Morning school or daycare drop-offs, then pick-ups a few hours later— with errands or work in between. Then it’s off to the races with piles of homework, baseball or ballet practice, PTA meetings, school forms to sign, dinner to make … the list goes on.


In fact, the list seems never ending!


Welcome to the frantic family lifestyle. Sound familiar?


Add a demanding healthcare job into the mix — either your own or your spouse’s — and you’re barely able to catch your breath. Never mind simply catching up and relaxing with your family! 


Take a Break from the Hustle and Bustle with a Fabulous Family Vacation 


You know what your family needs. 


An opportunity to slow down and savor time together.


A reason to put away the homework and paperwork and pick up new passions and purpose.


A chance to show your children another side of you — the stress-free, fun-loving, thrill-seeking version!


What you need is a family vacation, one that caters to your specific family needs and delivers “together time” in spades.


Prescription Travel would be honored to plan it for you!


What we can plan for your next memory-making adventure:

- Relaxing, family-focused river cruises

- Ocean cruises full of nonstop fun

- All-inclusive beach resort vacations

- Small group or private tours through Europe, Asia, and beyond

- Custom itineraries built around your family’s unique interests


We’ll design your trip around whatever medicine your family needs right now — whether that’s a European tour full of cultural discoveries (and lots of good food!) or a beachside escape where you can relax and unwind together in a spellbinding spot where swaying palms and crystal clear waters serve up pure paradise.  


Ready to escape and reconnect through the magic of travel? Get in touch with the expert family travel agents at Prescription Travel today to learn how we can help. It all starts with a complimentary consultation call!



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