Meet Gayle Smith 



As the wife of a chief medical officer — who has been in the healthcare industry for over two decades — I’ve seen first hand the kind of stress healthcare leaders and professionals are put under constantly.

We lived it. 

I have watched as my husband has been paged and called back to the hospital, even if it was his day off.

Whether you’re a member of your hospital’s C-Suite or a healthcare practitioner on the front lines, I bet you can relate to always feeling “on” for work. 

For us, the pressure led to nothing good. My husband came home stressed each day, and I felt like there was nothing I could do to help him. 

Healing others is his passion — but it was taking its toll on his own health and our shared happiness. 


Our situation became untenable when we had our own medical crisis to deal with. I was diagnosed with duodenal cancer in 2011, and as a family, we now had to balance an incredibly stressful life experience with his already stressful work demands. 


The decision I made while I recuperated from surgery changed our lives.


I booked a trip to Hawaii. 

The Trip That Changed Everything


It was our first big vacation together … and it was fabulous


I watched the stress just melt off my husband as soon as his feet hit the warm sand. We felt like newlyweds again!


That time away allowed my husband — who gives so much of his time to others — to spend time reconnecting with who he is, what his goals are, and his big “why.”


It also gave us a chance to reconnect after one of the most stressful periods in our lives. I didn’t realize quite how much we needed this … until we were exploring the wonders of Hawaii together. 


Our trip absolutely opened my eyes to how stressed and disconnected I had been … both to my husband and to myself. My illness and my husband’s demanding job had put us both through the wringer. It wasn’t until we were sinking our toes into the beach’s warm sand and feeling the spray from breathtaking waterfalls that I was able to let go of the pain and stress that had been building up for years


Talk about an “a-ha” moment. 


After that, we vowed to take a big trip every single year together. We learned that we needed it — travel was our medicine!

And now, I help other stressed-out and over-worked healthcare executives and providers do the same. 


You’re in a tough, yet rewarding, line of work. In order to give it your all, though, you have to take time for yourself.


Time to disconnect from the world and your demands. Time to reconnect with your family, and your personal passions. 


Time to travel — in comfort and in search of the extraordinary. 


I’d love to create that space of self-discovery and reconnection for you. 


I invite you to schedule your complimentary consultation call to discover how Prescription Travel can design the perfect travel experience, just for you.