Become a Better You Through Travel


The statistics are scary. Surveys show that healthcare workers may be the most stressed-out employees in the nation. And doctors, on average, work 10 more hours a week than other professionals. 


What does that mean for you?


It means always having to be “on” for your patients … even if you’re off the clock. 


It means feeling like a stranger in your own home, only connecting with your family on the weekends. 


It means no time for downtime — and maybe even forgetting what you liked to do for “fun” in the first place.


Long story short: You’re committed to your job, and you want to serve your patients and community as best as you possibly can. 


But you can’t do that if you’re constantly stressed and mentally checked out!


That’s why travel is your medicine.


Give yourself the mental break you deserve. Take a vacation to explore spellbinding destinations, on your own terms, with your loved ones by your side. 


Our Medicine, Your Escape: Discover Our Services


A stress-free vacation — it’s just what the doctor ordered.


The only problem?


Finding the time and energy to plan one yourself will only add to your stress!


That’s where Prescription Travel comes in.


We remove the stress from your plate by designing a vacation around your dreams, full of extra special touches guaranteed to “wow” and relax you.


Come home rested, reconnected, and ready to give your job — and your life — your all again. 


Our Services Include:
  • Custom Designed European Tour

  • European River Cruise (including pre- & post-cruise options)  

  • Ocean Cruise (including pre- & post-cruise options)

  • Custom Designed Domestic Travel

  • Ground Transportation

  • Ground Transfers

  • Accommodations

  • Domestic & International Flights

  • Rail Tours 

  • Tours/Excursions

  • Group Travel Organization 

Here’s How We Can Work Together:


1 – Complimentary Consultation Call: Every trip starts with a complimentary call where we get to know one another better to decide if we’re a good fit. On the call, you’ll share your travel dreams with us and what you’re hoping to get out of your much-needed vacation.


2 – Design Phase: If you decide to work with us, all you’ll need to take care of is our planning & support fee and we can start piecing together the details! We’ll research the best options for you based on your wants and needs, drawing on our network of distinguished travel contacts around the world to provide trusted recommendations.


3 – Planning Phase: You get a chance to review your itinerary, and we’ll work together to refine it until you simply can’t wait for your departure.


4 – Booking Phase: Shut down all your browser tabs and leave all the booking to us. After you give the final “okay” on your itinerary, we’ll book every travel component for you, from air and hotels to tours and transfers.


5 – Ongoing Support: Our job doesn’t end when we provide you with your custom itinerary. We’re available during your entire trip to support you if the unexpected pops up, like missed flights or missing passports. Rest easy knowing that you’ve got an expert travel planner in your back pocket for your entire vacation.


Ready to relax — so you can finally recharge?


Our expert travel agents would love to help. Schedule your complimentary consultation call to discover how we can take the planning off your plate.

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