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It’s Time to Fall in Love All Over Again

Embark on a Romantic Vacation That Will Reignite Your Spark!


When’s the last time you really saw your partner?


No, we don’t mean watching them rush out the door to beat the morning traffic. Or trying to have a conversation with them that keeps getting interrupted by calls from the clinic. 


When was the last time you really saw them for who they are — their passions, their quirks — and remembered why you fell in love with them in the first place?


If it’s been awhile, then it’s time to make time for travel.


So the two of you can …


Wind your way down the Rhine on a river cruise, where your luxurious cabin feels as if it’s suspended right over the edge of the water …


Dine together on a private beach, where a white-gloved butler brings each new course and the only light comes from the flickering candles and the stars above …


Or watch the sun set over Tuscany’s golden fields, a bottle of the finest Chianti awaiting you in your centuries-old villa.


Whatever you’re craving, let travel take you there.


Where Will Your Love Story Take You Next?


At Prescription Travel, we plan romantic getaways for busy couples that foster reconnection. Turn to us if you’re yearning for a “just because” romantic escape, an extra special anniversary celebration, or an utterly luxurious honeymoon experience.

Where we can take you on your whirlwind romance:

- Stunning all-inclusive, adults-only resorts

- Custom itineraries and boutique hotel stays

- River cruising in Europe, Asia, and beyond

- Ocean cruising in sun-drenched locales


Trust every detail to us. We’ll design a romantic getaway that’s destined to become a key chapter in your love story. Our expert romance travel agents will create a custom itinerary around your distinct passions and needs — you’ll get a one-of-a-kind travel experience fit for your once-in-a-lifetime love!


Ready to escape and reconnect through the magic of travel? Get in touch with the expert family travel agents at Prescription Travel today to learn how we can help. It all starts with a complimentary consultation call!



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